Our ride

Starting anything is a roller coaster with the highest highs and lowest lows.

Jack Dorsey
  • The station
    It all began back in 2007. It was summer. We were 3 people.
    We used to do rather extreme things together. For example, 2 months of non-stop work and we had our first content management system DreamsCMS, it resulted in hundreds of websites coded on it later on; we also managed to develop a full website in only 48 hours.
    The only thing left to do was to make it all official a.k.a. to register a company. Well, this one took a while. Lost documents, wrong dates…
  • Launch track
    So this is how 2008 came. And — surprise, surprise — after 3 months going back and forth taking care of the documents, Estina was finally born. Officially. With the name, registration number and stuff. All the cool projects now had a home.
    This was the year we learned that nothing is more permanent than the temporary: one of our first projects Pegasas.eu that was supposed to exist for 3 months, continued for 4 years.
    This was also the year of 500 hours sprint creating smart home web app Mytelehome.com which was launched at the biggest construction exhibition in the Baltics RESTA. Well, at that time we were around 5 years too early in that particular market. So we continued with web development.
  • Lift hill
    2009 passed testing the waters. A lot but at the same time nothing — that is, nothing unusual — happened.
  • High speed section
    2010 was different. One of the three decided to take on other projects so then there were two. The one thing that hadn’t changed - we worked a lot! 14-16 hours per day, 7 days a week. We tried a lot of different fields, we created a lot of different startups, we were exploring. This is how half of the team (that is 1 of us) ended up in the UK in the search of new projects.
    How did we manage to cope with the scope? Well, soon enough we were 3 again.
    Oh, and it’s a good thing we survived this crazy period because at the end of the year we landed a partnership with Boozt.
  • Inline twist
    2011 was a year we now call risky. It was the time when Symfony 2.0 RC appeared and we decided to start using it. Taking this risk was one of our best decisions. When its popularity reached the peak, we already had so much knowledge about it that we started organising trainings and consultations. We were doing just fine, the moment was ours! We also released the first e-shops for Boozt — just in 3 months we managed to create a whole new platform for the new Boozt e-shops which, by the way, is still used today.
    That year we had some fun moments as well. Like a hire of a person who taught everyone to swear a lot (we’re not proud of this weak moment, but it seemed like a fun thing to add to the story). However, later that year we also managed to find several of our long-term superheroes who are a part of the team to this day.
  • Double dips and double ups
    With the right people in place, we started growing more and more. We had our first workation trip to Portugal. This way we celebrated the 5th birthday. Our team consisted of 8 people at that time and this was our lucky number until the mid of 2015. Within a year the number of team members reached 12 and 1,5 year later there were already 30 of us.
    In 2013, No Trolls Allowed was born. What was expected to be quite a small hacker camp, developed into a big yearly event for the entire community. Well, we tried to be realistic (or pessimistic, if you think about it now) and thought that in the worst case scenario this would just be a cool summer event for the team. Somehow it exceeded our expectations and just in a couple of years turned into this huge 400+ people gathering. Vilnius PHP was also established during this period and we’ve been the core organisers of each community’s event ever since.
    Besides all the fun things, we continued working on Boozt development. Its increasing success resulted in an IPO offering the company’s shares on the Stockholm stock exchange in 2017.
    During these years we also paid more attention to ourselves creating even more startups. Throughout the entire decade, we’ve built 10 startups in total. Happily, the final one was THE ONE. This is when and how Dokobit was born, a new startup which today is the biggest e-signature solution in the Baltics and Iceland.
    2012 - 2018
  • Another leap?
    So here we are today. A rapidly growing team of professionals. Over 8 years with Boozt and over 6 years with Dokobit. And we’re not planning to stop anytime soon.
    Over the years, facing all those ups and downs in our roller coaster ride, we learned one very important thing: the key to our success is a strong team and the common values we share. Here at Boozt Technology Baltics, we believe that long-term relationships and a home-like environment are the core of an invincible team. Spending a big part of our days together we consider ourselves a big second family. Boozt Technology Baltics is not a place you merely come to spend a work day but rather a point where cool people gather and you want to come back to it every day. That’s why we do lots of other things alongside work too: play sports, travel, cook, eat pizzas, go out to party, play board games, you name it.
    So this is us. This is how we’ve begun this exciting ride, this is how it went along the way and this is how we’re gonna continue to roll. Now tell us:

Once you know where the roller coaster is going, are you in for the ride?

Robert Fulghum