Boozt Technology Baltics DNA

Who we are

We are an experienced and innovative technology team within the European e-commerce. Being a part of one of the leading e-commerce fashion companies Boozt, we’re rolling technology in style.

Boozt Technology Baltics team

How we got here

In over ten years we’ve done a bunch of different stuff and we’ve been through a lot but with strong persistence, hard work and support to one another, we’ve managed to grow into this successful IT company. And we’re not even close to stopping. Check our main milestones and read our full story of how we got where we are today.


Estina was finally born. Officially. With the name, registration number and stuff. All the cool projects now had a home.


We released the first e-shops for Boozt — just in 3 months we managed to create a whole new platform for the new Boozt e-shops which, by the way, is still used today.


We started expanding massively. Within a year, the number of team members increased by 50% and 1,5 year later this change has reached 275% from the starting point in 2015.


We celebrated a ten-year anniversary and, after three years, were welcomed to Boozt and became Boozt Technology Baltics. Get to know more about Boozt here:

What’s important to us

We have our signature things that everyone knows and follows — from growth at work to growth after work.

We believe that fluent team communication and work-life balance is the key to reaching more with less effort.
Experience sharing
Sharing is caring. With this in mind, we’ve got Platform conference and Fika talks to share our experiences and learn something new.
Community growth
Doing things with friends is always more fun. That’s why we build and maintain various developer-related communities and events.
We’re stronger together. And what can be stronger than a borderless, international team of experienced professionals.
Small, cross-functional teams
Enjoying wakeboarding
Enjoying Boozt Platform Conference
Focus on quality
Stress-free working environment
Boozt Platform Conference 2021
Enjoying golf
Stress-free environment, smiling people

After-work growth

We build and help building communities for developers, geeks and entrepreneurs.

Symfony LT community

Being Symfony2 framework pioneers in Lithuania, we’ve established a community to share our experience. Having experienced every bump in Symfony2 development road before a stable version was released, we’ve been organising hands-on trainings. We believe in Symfony2, the future of PHP, and we want to spread our enthusiasm!

Vilnius PHP

Vilnius PHP is a PHP community based in Vilnius that gathers on the first Thursday of every month to share the experiences and discuss about the best and the worst practices. Estina's team has always been the core organiser of every Vilnius PHP meetup. We are happy to see how valuable these meetups are for developers helping them to grow as professionals.

No Trolls Allowed

NTA is the first open-air hacker camp in Lithuania where hobbies and arts meet technology and awesomeness. 400+ people gather each year to share their knowledge and things they are passionate about with others. The concept of this event was created by the entire Estina team which contributed immensely to make it all happen.

Continue growing with us

We’re always looking for the right talent to join our team. Never settling for less, we unite professionals who are eager to take responsibility, make great products and do other awesome things. Think you have Boozt Technology Baltics DNA? Choose your role.